Making a review of this movie is bipolar to me, because to begin with I’ve never been captivated by the acting of Keanu Reeves; He is one of those actors that are part of the parallel universe of Hollywood that are requested by any crazy reason, not by his “great” acting talent.

Saying this, it is the first thing I should comment on ‘John Wick 2′, the performance falls on a neutral, expressionless and atypical protagonist, Reeves’ dialogues, seems forced, taken of a Midwest movie, much like a conversation with an apache boss, short phrases and intensity in his tone that gives us to understand that the actor is just learning to speak the language.

Their expressions are all flat, flat, flat, flat, I said flat? We have the same John Wick anywhere in the movie. The only thing that can distract you from that plain in expression are the number of action scenes that the film presents.

Ah! Because that’s another thing, John Wick seems taken from the world of Marvel or DC Comics, any reference to a superhero, mutant or person with supernatural talents. Because okay, we know the fact that John belonged to the Russian Mafia and was a serial killer known as “The Boogeyman” but survived so many collective shots, bloody fights and persecutions of hit men like him and come out no more than with bruises, Blows and cuts, but no serious as to go to a hospital, remain immobilized or at least cause an obvious pain effect, sincerely makes you think that this man was injected with Cryptonite, Fell into chemicals when he was a child, was trained In the Himalayas by monks who gave him some supernatural power or he has the 7 lives of a cat, because if not, then we can´t explain such skills and luck not to die.

Following the superheroes topic, did they want to give us a signal, with those comic-type font, between shots that emphasized certain dialogues? Otherwise, I do not understand the reason for of them.

Okay, already talking about the movie, The plot is basically the same but with other faces, another villain and another reason to justify revenge. In the first film John leaves the mafia but some men enter his house, steal his car and murder his dog (with sentimental value of course) and the revenge is unleashed. Then, in the second, when he had left his past murderer behind and had recovered his car, other mafia now burn his house (do not forget the sentimental value), force him to return and give him another reason to unleash the revenge. So the plot is so simple and becomes the only apparent John Wick’s reason to live, “kill for revenge.”

But it is also true that the movie entertains, How not? With so much viscerality and violence everywhere. Super action scenes, blows, fists, blood and resistance, MUCH, endurance. Its director Chad Stahelski has a well-defined concept of how to film, the camera does not move too much, the planes are presented clearly, and the fights well  choreographed, except for the fight sequences of Ruby Rose, very beautiful girl! , But this paper is not for her and I detected several times the stunt actress.

Of course, these ingredients are so well mixed that people are not interested in analyzing much of the film, the performances or their plot to make them blockbusters, as happened with ‘John Wick’ and ‘John Wick 2’ . It is simple, they entertain, they keep the spectator’s attention and they achieve the necessary interests like to have a subtle suspense with adrenaline for the public.

So consequently, as part of the diversity of thoughts, will get diverse opinions of this film, which analyzed strictly, leaves much to be desired.

I rate it with a 6/10. Give me your comments, tell me what you think about this movie.

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